August 2011 Update

Undercover Brothers #40 has been announced for a May 2012 release with the working title of The Case of the MyFace Kidnapper
Mission: Frank and Joe's latest case involves the dangerous underside of social networking. A football friend from a nearby school contacts the Hardys when a team member goes missing! One minute he was at a massive beach party that everyone from school was invited to via MyFace; the next moment he was GONE! The MyFace parties continue, but so do the crimes: robbery, kidnapping, car theft...can murder be far behind? Is MyFace a social network of friends or a network of something far more sinister?
Artwork has not yet been released.

Those of you with Amazon's Kindle reader may be interested to know that many of the revised text stories are now available for download. Check my Amazon Sales Page. Click on the title you want to see if it is available for download.

This month's Spotlite Book is Volume 17, "The Secret Warning"