February 2012 Update

The Spotlite Book this month is Volume 37, "The Ghost At Skeleton Rock".

Bob Nelson reports the the first volume in the new Hardy Boys Adventures, "Secret of the Red Arrow", will be released in January of 2013.
The current Undercover Brothers series has been discontinued.

NEWS FLASH: This just in from Paul Mular...
Hardy Boys New titles in HARDBACK for 2013!
      Simon & Schuster has just publicly announced that the new Hardy Boys Adventures will be available in BOTH Paperback $5.99 and HARDBACK $15.99 editions!
      The announced release date of January 2nd 2013 will now include "breeder sets", that is the first two books in the series. The title of the second book has not been publicly announced.
      The third book in The Hardy Boys is scheduled for October 2013.