July 2012 Update

The Spotlite Book for July is volume 57, "The Firebird Rocket".

FS: Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers books
I'm getting rid of my own Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers books.
I have the first 28 volumes, most, if not all, of them are first printings.
I also have the first 11 graphic novels in hardcover and the first 18 graphic novels in paperback.
All are in excellent, like-new condition.
UB Novels and graphic novel PBs are $4.75 each
Hardcover Graphic novels are $10.75 each
I also have 2 Gift Sets (vols 1-4 $15, vols 1-8 $30)
Postage: $3.50 for the 1st 3 books, 35¢ for each additional book.
Contact me if interested: fwdixon@yahoo.com
I'll sell the whole shebang for $375 with free postage!