May 2011 Update

Hardy Boys Decoder Jigsaw Puzzle
A new 250 piece jigsaw puzzle seemingly based on the Undercover Brothers.
Manufactured in the good old USA by Ideal.
1: Build the puzzle
2: Find hidden clues with the decoder clue finder
3: Use the decoder booklet to solve the mystery
Available from HometownUSA Stores

No new Hardy Boys titles were announced this month - check back next month

The Spotlite Book this month is "The Secret of Skull Mountain"

April 2011 Update

Volume 39 of the Undercover Brothers has been announced for a January 2012 release.
Movie Mayhem
Book Three in the Deathstalker Trilogy.
Mission: Unknown at this time!

I'll post the cover art when it becomes available.

The Spotlite Book for April is "The Detective Handbook"

March 2011 Update

Not much to report this month.

Secret Files #7: The Disappearing Dog - 10/11 For Sale
There's a new kid in town in Bayport, and Frank and Joe Hardy aren't really sure what to make of Max O'Malley, the Magician. Not only is he totally annoying, he claims that he can make anything--or anyone--disappear. Though Max wins over a bunch of his classmates, Frank and Joe remain skeptical--until Mrs. Briar's prized show dog, Charlie, suddenly disappears--and keeps on mysteriously disappearing and reappearing. Max quickly becomes the prime suspect, but is he really the one behind the strange occurrences? Or is Max really as magical as he says he is?

The Spotlite Book for March is "Mystery of the Whale Tattoo".

February 2011 Update

Not much news this month.

The cover art for Casefile #3 Nancy Drew Together With The Hardy Boys! has been released.
Due August 2011, it can be pre-ordered from Hardcover - Paperback

Papercutz, publisher of the Graphic Novels, has released a youTube video about the new Casefiles Novels.

The Spotlite Book for February is "The Clue In The Embers".

January 2011 Update

Some new cover art released over the past month:

New Supermystery #5: Bonfire Masquerade
Mission: Unknown at this time.

The Spotlite Book for January is #16 "A Figure In Hiding"

December 2010 Update

Several new release announcements this month!

The Secret Files
The Bicycle Thief (#6) - August 2011
It's time for the annual Junior Bike Race in Bayport, and Frank and Joe are the top contenders. Midway through the race, Frank runs over a nail and blows a tire. It seems as if the day couldn't get worse--until Frank's bicycle goes missing!
Bayport's leading bully, Adam Ackerman, seems to be the prime suspect. But when he proves that he wasn't the bicycle thief, everyone turns out to be a potential culprit--even Mr. Mack's dog, Lucy! Can Frank and Joe crack the case and bring Frank's bicycle home?

Super Mystery w/Nancy Drew
Bonfire Masquerade (#5) July 2011

Casefiles Graphic Novels
3: Nancy Drew Together With The Hardy Boys! August 2011
Hardcover - Paperback
For the first time in Papercutz graphic novels, the world-famous Girl Detective Nancy Drew must team up with Undercover Brothers Joe and Frank Hardy, The Hardy Boys, to solve a mystery together in Nancy’s hometown of River Heights. Someone has been behind the recent troubles in both Bayport and River Heights, as seen in previous volumes of the HARDY BOYS and NANCY DREW. But how can Nancy solve the mystery when Frank and Joe refuse to work with each other? An exciting first for fans of both the HARDY BOYS and NANCY DREW graphic novels.

The Spotlite Book for December is "The Bombay Boomerang"

Nelvana to revive Hardy Boys

A revamp of The Hardy Boys is in development at Nelvana, which is looking to add an updated version of the age-old mystery property to its recent line of live-action titles.

"Frank and Joe are back," said Doug Murphy, executive VP of television at Nelvana's parent Corus Entertainment, during a recent conference with investors.

Murphy described the property as "a little gem" that Corus found deep inside the Nelvana library. "It's amazing what you can find in that library," he said. "Apparently, we own the rights to the Hardy Boys."

Nelvana produced a 13-episode live-action Hardy Boys in the mid 1990s, building on a franchise that dates to the 1920s. Though best-known for kids animation, the Canadian production house has recently re-embraced live-action, while also breathing new life into older properties.

November 2010 Update

Cover art for Casefiles Graphic Novel #2: Break-Up
Hardcover - Paperback

The Spotlite Book for November is "Mystery of the Desert Giant".

October 2010 Update

Undercover Brothers #37: Movie Menace announced for May 2011 release.
Book One in the Deathstalker Trilogy.
Mission: Unknown at this time!
I will post cover art and information as it becomes available.

The Spotlite Book this month is "The Clue of the Broken Blade".

September 2010 Update

Cover art for Secret Files #5: A Monster of a Mystery - 4/11
Cover art for Undercover Brothers #36 Forever Lost - 01/11
Case Files Graphic Novel #2 Announced: Break-Up Hardcover - Paperback
Gerry Conway (Author), Paulo Henrique (Illustrator)

Over in the Fan Forum, the Spotlite Book for September is volume 15, "The Sinister Sign Post".

Which version of "The Sinister Sign Post" do you prefer?
Original Text
Revised Text
Free polls from

August 2010 Update

Volume 5 of the The Hardy Boys: Secret Files has been announced for an April 2011 release:
A Monster of a Mystery (#5)
I'll post details and cover art as they become available.

Over in the Fan Forum, the Spotlite Book for August is volume 14, "The Hidden Harbor Mystery".

July 2010 Update

Boy Detectives: Essays on the Hardy Boys and Others
by Michael G. Cornelius
Much has been written about the girl sleuth in fiction, a feminist figure embodying all the potential wit and drive of girlhood. Her male counterpart, however, has received much less critical attention despite his popularity in the wider culture. This collection of eleven essays examines the boy detective and his genre from a number of critical perspectives, addressing the issues of these young characters, heirs to the patriarchy yet still concerned with first crushes and soda shop romances. Series explored include the Hardy Boys, Tow Swift, the Three Investigators, Christopher Cool and Tim Murphy, as well as works by Astrid Lindgren, Mark Haddon, and Joe Meno.

Over in the Fan Forum, the Spotlite Book is "The Crisscross Shadow".

June 2010 Update

No news this month :-(
The Spotlite Book over in the Fan Forum is volume 23, "The Melted Coins".

Hardy Boys Poker Chip

Collectible poker chip featuring the Hardy Boys from the 70's TV show.
Available from

April 2010 Update

Cover Art for Undercover Brothers #35
Lost Brother (#35) - Due October 2010

Undercover Brothers Titles Announced
Forever Lost (#36) is due out in January of 2011.
I'll post cover art and more info as it becomes available.

March 2010 Update

Lost Brother: Book Two in the Lost Mystery Trilogy (Undercover Brothers #35) due out Oct. 12, 2010.
Pre-Order from
I'll post the art and synopsis when they become available.

New Graphic Novel Series

The Hardy Boys: The New Case Files
Crawling with Zombies (#1)
Gerry Conway (Author), Paulo Henrique (Illustrator)
Due for release by Papercutz on October 12, 2010

Complete Paperback Series Collections For Sale

I've got entire sets of Hardy Boys Case Files, Nancy Drew-Hardy Boys Super Mystery and Clues Brothers for sale.
Click Here For More Information

January 2010 Update

Happy New Year Sleuths!
Not much to report this month.
Applewood Books will be releasing a Box Set of the first 6 volumes in September.
I'll post more details as they become available.

December 2009 Update

2 New "Hardy Boys: Secret Files" Announced
Mystery Map (#3) - August 2010
Hopping Mad (#4) - September 2010

Further details on this new series (due to start in April 2010) are not yet available.
Cover Art For Undercover Brothers #34
The Children of the Lost.

Plot information not yet available.
New Nancy Drew-Hardy Boys Supermystery Announced
4: Gold Medal Murder

Mission: Nancy and the Boys are on the case when a Summer Olympics scandal breaks out.
New Web Site For British Editions

An unofficial guide to the British and Commonwealth series for enthusiasts and collectors.
Brought to you by Jon Preddle and Ian Regan

November 2009 Update

Now On Sale: 31: Killer Mission
Book One in the Killer Mystery Trilogy
Mission: To investigate the shady goings-on at the exclusive private boarding school Willis Firth Academy.

Mission revealed: 32: Private Killer
     Book Two in the Killer Mystery Trilogy
     Mission: To find out more about the dangerous, recently uncovered secret society at Willis Firth Academy.

October 2009 Update

Plot for Graphic Novel #20: Deadly Strategy - Due for release March 2, 2010
Author: Scott Lobdell   Art: Paulo Henrique Marcondes
Issued in Hardcover - Paperback
When A.T.A.C. agents across the country start getting strange and bizarre cases, it’s up to Joe and Frank Hardy to find the computer hacker responsible! Anyone smart enough to break into A.T.A.C. security certainly has the skills to make things difficult for the Hardy Boys – even in what seems to be the empty Bayport High School in the middle of the night. But even the Undercover Brothers will be surprised when they uncover their adversary’s true identity! With cameos by Lindsay Rider, the Sisters Noir, and Dennis Hogan, this special case involves a list of suspects that includes almost everyone the Hardy Boys have ever met!
Plot for UB #31: Killer Mission - 11/09 For Sale ~ Volume One in the Killer Mystery Trilogy
     Mission: To investigate the shady goings-on at the exclusive private boarding school Willis Firth Academy.
Undercover Brothers #34 The Children of the Lost will be Volume One in The Lost Mystery Trilogy. It's due for a May 4, 2010 release

September 2009 Update

Hardy Boys Book Cover 4-Pc Magnet Set
  • Fun book cover magnets!
  • It works on a fridge, cubicle or file cabinet.
  • Four piece magnet sets featuring The Hardy Boys Book Covers.
  • Titles included are The Secret Of The Old Mill, The Tower Treasure, While The Clock Ticked,and more
  • Flat 2 inch x 3 inch button style magnet From Popcorn Posters.

Undercover Brothers #34 The Children of the Lost has been announced for a May 2010 release. I don't know yet if this will be another trilogy.
Stay tuned for further info and artwork!
Undercover Brothers Graphic Novel 18 goes on sale this month:
D.A.N.G.E.R. Spells the Hangman! - Hardcover - Paperback
Frank and Joe go undercover at a national spelling bee where a mysterious madman known as the Hangman is determined to erase the competition! Teens from across the globe have been invited to attend, and A.T.A.C. and the Hardy Boys have to do everything they can to keep the Hangman from spelling disaster!
Note that the cover art style has changed.